Classical Chinese Energy Medicine: Intro Course

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Classical Chinese Medicine Intro Course

Learn the practice of energy medicine through a family lineage to create a fundamental basis of your true energy nature, which can be harnessed and applied to healing using acupuncture or any healing modality.

Through this course you will gain knowledge on ascertaining energy within yourself and of others. You will be able to recognize how it moves and how it is harnessed. You will cultivate Qi and learn how to apply it clinically regardless of modality. This will involve a paradigm shift which uses energetic understanding, physics, logic and feeling.

The content of this course comes from a lineage of healers within the Ngui family that have been passed down for generations. Now for the first time this is being taught outside of the family blood line.


  • Energy inside the self vs outside
  • Energy connection to nature, people and universe
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Energy protection of self

Course Cost: $600.00 CAD


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