The Lineage

Dating back to the Yuan Dynasty, our family has been blessed with knowledge of Chinese Traditional Arts and Medicine.  We have trained and passed this knowledge down within the family through the years and years, gaining knowledge and refinement with each new generation.  This energy practice from centuries of training in our family we call the Ngui Family Style of Healing.  Now known as “Nguistyle”.

Beginnings in Canada

In the time of the 1960’s in the back of a small mechanic shop, there was Stanley Ngui working during the day, and after hours would always take people in who needed his help, whether that was through mentorship or healing. He would use his knowledge of Chinese Medicine and teach them Chinese Qigong and Gongfu. Although things were busy with the mechanic business, he wanted to continue to help others with Chinese Medicine, and spread the knowledge of Chinese Qigong and Gongfu.  Through his passion, he developed a strong base of friends, a supportive network, and clients that continued to follow him wherever he went.  Eventually opening up a space to develop his personal practice in multiple locations, he became well known in the healing community for his treatments.
Eventually his son Justin joined him, and they began working together in a small space with no sign on the front door, no ceilings, no computers, no business cards and 1 large room.  As the energy grew, so did their practice, and eventually moved into the space we now call the Nguistyle Integrative Medicine Clinic.

The Family

Welcome to our family. We earnestly mean it, you have come here because you’ve been looking for something different. We started this just to help people, we did not expect it to turn into what it has today. But we are happy about this.

Generations ago, our family only extended to our blood line. But times have changed, and although traditions are very important to us to be honored, we see the need to extend that family more than ever, to those who are looking to make the healing journey.  Whether it is a self-healing journey or assisted by a practitioner or through learning and education we feel blessed that we can be a part of your experience. 

The people that you will see as you become part of the family are our Chinese Medicine practitioners, who have been trained and educated by the lineage holders (Stanley and Justin Ngui) personally for many years before they begin working on their own, our clinic staff who all have years and years of experience working within the family, and our volunteers and interns, who we continue to train through education and experience.

Our atmosphere is calm, relaxed and easy-going. We are a clinic in name, but truly are just people who love to learn the human experience in a balanced way and help others to do the same.


Nguistyle Family Clinical Team

Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang | Ph.D., IMD.

Chief Integrative Medicine Doctor,
Grandmaster-level Chinese Qigong and Gongfu

Stanley is the 23rd generation of the Ngui family. Since the age of four, he has studied with his father and various Masters of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His education includes a Master level in Qigong, Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services. One of his great honors was being knighted into the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St John in 2009.


Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang | R.TCMP. R. Ac., IMD.,B.ScH. Principle Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor Master-level Chinese Qigong and Gongfu Justin Ngui was born in 1978 into a family that had Chinese medicine, Qigong, and martial arts as a part of their family lineage for twenty-four generations. In 2008 he joined his father in healing people with Chinese Medicine and Qigong at a small clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He is now running the clinic in a new location, with his own apprentices, support staff and other practitioners. He has been given the title of Sifu by his father. Through the clinic, he has been able to provide successful therapy to many individuals from all over Canada, and around the world. Read More…..

Jessie Zsolt | R.Ac., Ba.H.


Throughout Jessie’s life, she experienced a strong connection to energy and the natural world, and a deepening curiosity about these experiences has developed into a passion for working with energy. In 2011 Jessie visited Plum Village to train in the mindfulness tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, where she became captivated by the power of the mind. At the age of 20, after several years of practicing yoga and meditation, Jessie began her training in qigong and gongfu under the mentorship of Sifu Justin Ngui, 24th generation in the Ngui family lineage. 


Angela Szeto | R.TCMP., R.Ac. IMP., B.A. Chinese & Integrative Medicine Practitioner Angela Szeto, RAcu, TCMP, IMP, BA, has been studying Chinese Medicine and philosophy for over three decades and has trained with the Ngui family since 2016. In 2019, she became a fully licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. In 2020, she became an Integrative Medicine Practitioner. Through Qigong and Chinese Medicine, Angela seeks to make the world a better place one person at a time.


Joshua Mandell | R.Ac. 

Acupuncturist & Apprentice to Justin Ngui

Joshua is a graduate of the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner as well as a diploma of Acupuncture. Joshua has been apprenticing with Justin Ngui over the last year and has been training with Justin since 2014.

Joshua is passionate about Classical Chinese Medicine not only as a healing modality but as a way of life in keeping good health. A daily practitioner of Qigong, Joshua has implemented Classical Chinese Medicine theories and concepts in his own life to provide balance and harmony.

As our newest member of the Ngui family, Joshua is eager to help you in your healing journey!


Our Family Support Staff

Anne Riley – Front Desk

A.J. – Integrative Medicine Assistant and I.T. Technician

Caroline Ulanowski – Integrative Medicine Assistant

Samantha Adams – Integrative Medicine Assistant

We Are Here For You

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